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Welcome to the IEEE-SPS/Connexions project website.

As IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS) President Alfred Hero announced in the November 2007 IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, the IEEE is embracing the concept of open access and joining a growing worldwide movement of concerned organizations and individuals who aim to democratize access to knowledge and educational materials.

In this project, the IEEE-SPS is working with the open-access publishing project Connexions ( on a major initiative to develop a critical mass of signal processing educational modules and courses that will be available for free access by anyone, anywhere, at any time. The materials will pass through a careful Society evaluation that will earn them the imprimatur of the IEEE brand for quality. Leadership within the IEEE-SPS is provided by the Signal Processing Education technical committee.

Everyone has knowledge to share. Contribute a two-page module on your favorite topic, a set of interactive simulations, a tech note on a DSP application, the notes from your short course, or your out-of-print textbook (once you’ve secured the copyright from the original publisher). Translate a module into or out of another language. Volunteer to evaluate contributions. Or just tell other people about this new opportunity to energize the signal processing community and knowledge base.

The project is now accepting content submissions. If you’d like get started contributing your own content, see the Connexions author’s guide at

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